Dreaming for World Water Day
14th + 20th March  2024 NZDT

Wednesday 20th March: Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington 9.00am NZDT // Warrane/ Warrang Sydney 7.00am AEDT // Tuesday 19th March: Κρήτη Crete 10.00pm  EET // Amsterdam 9.00pm CET  // Glasgow 8.00pm GMT // Toronto EDT 4.00pm // Seattle 1.00pm PDT // Kane’ohe 10.00am HST 

Language of the Birds
For World Water day, we’re growing solidarity across the many struggles for water.

inner space ∩ outer space
invitation for water + peace
INVITATION:   0931—12122023
CEREMONY:     1537—12122023   
LOCATION:     Agia Fotini
UPLOAD:       Dream Share
DATE:         01.02.2023 
TIME:         07:46:03 AM