Solstice Dream Invitation
21st June Monday

London 9.30 am GMT // Berlin 10.30 am // Lebanon 11.30 am EET // Canberra 6.30 pm AEDT // Wellington 8.30 pm NZDT  

Language of the Birds Collective Dream Incubation with Paola Bay and Kate Genevieve

“...mountain and stream, tree and leaf, root and flower, yes, every form in nature is latent within us and originates in the soul - whose being is eternity - and is hidden from us but nonetheless gives itself to us in the power of love and creation.” 

DEMIAN 1919 by Hermann Hesse
INVITATION:   0930—21062021
CEREMONY:     1533—21062021   
LOCATION:     Taranaki
DATE:         12.06.2021 
TIME:         07:46:03 AM