On the nights before we meet, wherever you are in the world, spend some time on the land under the stars. Meet the wild waters and the winds, be with the wide-open sky and the soil beneath your feet. If you are in the city, spend some time outdoors, perhaps in a park or by a river. Claim your right to roam and let the stars sing to you.

Before you sleep...
Bring a seed to your bedside - literal or metaphorical

Hold it in your hands and soften your gaze and your heart

Connect to that in you who is ‘the Dreamer’

Create a heartfelt intention to listen to the dreaming of the night

Sleep 
Notice the images and sensations in your body as sleep enfolds you

While you drift across the border between waking and sleeping, carry your seed with you and plant it in the dreaming lands.


On waking...
Listen to what returns.

As you wake from the dreaming, remain soft and receptive

Don’t worry to much about remembering or not remembering, but feel curious about what remains with you

Feel the images and stories in your body

Give space for these dream whispers to be heard


Record your dream.  You can make a voice note on your phone, write on a pad of paper, draw, journal, and create relationship with your dream.

Then gently “plant” your seed before you start your day.


We’ll come together on zoom & share dreams together. Bring art materials if you feel to. All welcome.



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Folk were invited to dream with the green comet C/2022 E3 ZTF on the night it came closest to the earth. With guest dream tender Simone Johnson from Water School @sjj.nyc

Meeting Oceania September 2021

Solstice 2021