Body of waters.

Rivers of stars.

On the night of the 22nd September - the night before the Equinox - you are invited to take some time with the watershed you live on and the stars.

Ceremony :  

Water Connection

Pour a cup of water and drink to refresh your being. Then, pour some more water into the same vessel. Place this beside your bed as an offering.

If you can walk beside the river, lake or sea, please venture outside and spend some time under the stars with the watershed that supports your life.

If the waters near your home are too far away to visit, you can connect with your heart. Notice the sense of waterways in your own body and the earth. Stretch into the spaces of the body that feel tight and constricted. Unwind. Feel. Enjoy your own experience with curiosity.

Stillness before sleep

Before you sleep, find your way to stillness. Take a seat in a way that is comfortable. Notice what this settling into your body feels like as inner waters find calm.

Can you feel the force of gravity gently pulling downwards? Do you notice a sense of energy flowing up from the earth? Keep company in your heart with the many forms of life in & around & above you: ever-flowing creativity in worlds of water, skin, leaf and stone.

Trace a spiral 

When you are in bed, trace a spiral on your hand - softly draw a spiral form on your palm with your finger. Trace out the vortical tendency of living water, the signature of the great Cosmos. Follow this pattern back into the dreaming waters.

Sleep 


On waking...

Feel into the dream  

You can take a sip of water from the cup at your bedside as an intention to hold your dreaming life in memory. If you like, you can write, draw, journal, and create relationship with your dream during your fresh waking time.

We’ll come together online at 6.30pm  AEST / 10.30 am CET & share dreams that came over these days together.

If there is remaining water left in your cup, please offer this water back to the earth or to a plant in your home. You can do this after the online dream meeting or at a time that feels right for you.

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