Equinox Dream Invitation
23rd September

Hello everyone,

    an invitation to come together across the Equinox. 

The invitation - with Meeting Oceania - is to spen an imaginal hour together listening to each other’s dreams. We will be joined in this special session by Paola Bay and Sandy Sur and we invite you to make a simple ceremony before you sleep on the 22nd.

Dream-tending listens to what lives within and between people & the streams of spontaneous creation that move through each one of us. Learning the richness of dreaming together is a wild & curious exploration, each dreamer swimming in shared waters, whilst being a unique imaginal world of sovereign being. 

You are welcome to bring paints, pencils, mark-making tools, materials and your living breathing moving body to respond to what turns up in these shared moments of colour, laughter & intensity.

Warm wishes, 

Kate Alderton, Kate Genevieve & Paola Bay

@AldertonKate @ze.azia @kategenevieve

* * * 

The Language of the Birds is a group of folk working with dreams in diverse ways. We came together in April 2020 during Lockdown. In the time “at home” we made space for dream incubation, meeting each Sunday to feel threads of connection, healing and possibility across the living diversity of our shared dream space. We now meet every Solstice and Equinox.

This meeting is free to join but we invite you to make a donation to support Sandy’s work on the Dung Verei Cultural festival in Vanuatu.


This is a ni-Vanuatu organised festival celebrating and sharing cultural knowledge between island communities.

In coming together to dream we  support indigenous communities and creative cultures, holding a life-long commitment to work for repair and the grounded foundations of a better world. Pay-as-you feel donations are welcome for Great Balance and WISN.


image credit - Te Awa Tupua, 2019