Dreaming together online

We have been dreaming with watersheds, with birds, with meteor showers and exploring  sharing our dream images together and how we relate with more-than-human worlds.

You are invited to dream on Wednesday with the green comet and notice your dreams the night C/2022 E3 ZTF is closest to the earth.

Dream-tending listens to what lives within and between people & the streams of spontaneous creation that move through each one of us. Each dreamer swimming in shared waters, whilst sensing and feeling their own unique imaginal islands.

All welcome to bring paints, pencils, mark-making tools, and materials to respond to what turns up and to share some attention, listening, stories, symbols & laughter.

The Language of the Dream meetings emerged as a way to connect across distance in April 2020, between Kate Alderton, Kate Genevieve and Paola Bay.

Guest dream tender for 1st Feb - Simone Johnson from Water School @sjj.nyc

* * * 

The Language of the Birds dreamings came together in April 2020 during Lockdown. Kate Alderton, Paola Bay and Kate Genevieve began by meeting each Sunday to feel for threads of connection, healing and possibility across the living diversity of our shared dream space. The dreaming project then grew with Tracey Benson’s Meeting Oceania and we meet to share dreams in community every Solstice and Equinox, and some other special occasions.

The meetings welcome people working with dreams in diverse ways. We invite you to make a charity donation to creative community projects that work for repair, indigenous rights and regenerative futures.

Pay-as-you can donations are welcome for Great Balance and WISN.

We have suggestions for a simple ritual before you sleep - based on writing by Kate Alderton and Kate Genevieve.

Read a ritual suggestion

image credit - Adrian Samuels Comet ZTF